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Sara + Taylor Part I | Beach Wedding Photographer | Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

February 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Everything about this wedding was nothing short of amazing in my book.  I have so many pictures I want to share I've decided to break this down into 2 separate parts (so be on the lookout for Part II coming soon, you won't want to miss it!!)  As soon as I saw the house, The Dream Maker, I was in love.  I knew this was going to be a wedding for the books!  Once again, working with Christine was awesome.  We work so well together and make the day a lot of fun, not just for the couples, but for us, too.  Then I started my way upstairs where all of the dresses were, and once again, blown away.  I love the coordinating shades of green.  

Every detail begged to be photographed!

You can tell that Sara was surrounded by friends and family that love her dearly.  This group was a lot of fun and knew how to get this party started.  The thing I liked in particular is that Sara and Taylor specifically wanted time between their first look and the time they walked down the ceremony to unwind and reflect on what was coming.  I loved that the girls were jamming out to "Let's Get Married" in the picture of above.  

Let me tell you about this gorgeous dress!  It had been worn by women in her family for a few generations.  It had been through a couple of alterations as well and each bride had their own little piece of their heart in it.  Well for this particular alteration, Sara's mom stitched and sewed with love as she created this dress for Sara to wear on her big day.  Final alterations were even made the night before, just to make sure it would fit her like a dream, and boy did it ever!  Her mom even said that she would have needle and thread in hand the day of just in case.  

Sara had all sorts of neat little details for her day that had been handing down through her family.  She had this cute little handkerchief's given to her by her grandmother.  

Now this one of Sara and her niece, Harley, tugged at my heartstrings a little.  Sara told me how important her niece was to her, and I understand this all to well.  I could relate to their connection, just as I am deeply connected to my niece, Roslyn.  

I learned something new at this wedding:  Burying the Bourbon.  I had never head of this before but it's a pretty neat tradition.  According to Southern folklore, if you bury a bottle of bourbon at the site where the bride and group are to be married, it won't rain on their wedding day.  The reason why you are seeing a picture of whiskey is because the bourbon was in deed buried where the ceremony took place the night before.  But the problem with burying something at the beach is that it is kind of hard to find it the next day!  It must have worked though, Sara and Taylor couldn't have gotten a more beautiful day.

Another awesome detail of the house was the ability to create this split shot of the bridal party before the ceremony where no one could see each other.  

Although Sara tried her best to catch a sneak peek of her groom before her first look at the beach.  

This first look was perfect.  Sara was so playful by bumping Taylor with the beach ball to get his attention.  But when he turned around to see his bride all dressed up, she really got his full attention.  They both looked amazing!

First kiss as husband and wife, such a happy couple!

The girls were loving this barefoot, toes in the sand wedding.  Sara's father giving her one last kiss on the cheek before he gives her away.

This was such a fun wedding to have photographed with a great group of people.  I can't wait to share the second half of the wedding with you all, including some amazingly, beautiful portraits of the newlyweds on the beach as well as their beach party reception.  Check back soon, you won't want to miss this!


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